Our client list is extensive and we strive to meet your needs through innovative solutions, personal attention and a robust operational platform. We have an impressive track record of completing our programme.

We are accredited by many International Approved Certifying Bodies and we are currently involved in several projects throughout the globe, involving fast craft training, engine maintenance, testing evaluation of new craft and associated equipment.

Sea Training International Ltd also has specific divisions which include the following –

Medical – certifications can be awarded under Standards, Training, certification and Watch keeping (STCW), Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and Mountain Medicine (MMED) and the Academy of Emergency Care (UCC). We can provide industry leading medical support and training from practicing industry professionals.

We are setting new standards with regards to Cold Water Casualty Care.

Safety and Support – purely to facilitate the construction industry. Support provided ranges from provision of safety equipment, safety audits, craft surveys, through to the provision of safety staff and rescue craft. We specialise in hard to access areas and have a range of specialist equipment to deal with mud, sand, fast flow water. Sea Training can provide a full range of craft, equipment, vehicles and specialist staff.

We are a RISQS approved supplier.

All the images used on our website are from our operations. Other companies say they do it – Sea Training International Ltd has a proven record of providing it….

Please note that all photographs and information contained in this web page are of Sea Training Staff whilst conducting training or support operations.

Sea Training International Ltd is based at a waterside location in North Wales. These locations offer some of the most testing conditions available anywhere in the UK with access to the Irish Sea 24 hours a day, fast flow and some of the most dangerous navigable conditions to be found anywhere within the UK.

The facilities include a computer equipped classroom, dedicated full time qualified training staff, full time medical training staff and a full range of equipment that will not be found in any other private facility within the UK. The location can be used by clients as a base for the testing of sensitive new equipment and specialist training. The training facility has 24 hour launching facilities with a dedicated 4 x 4 launching tractor.

Sea Training International Ltd has excellent full time office support and the onsite availability to provide meeting rooms for client discussions.

Accommodation can be arranged for either large or small groups.

Sea Training International Ltd has a range of specialist equipment, including various training craft, rescue craft, support craft and a range of off road vehicles including an 8 wheel drive amphibious craft, 4 wheel drive tractor, 4 wheel drive quad bike and various off road 4 x 4’s. All equipment is fully operational, coded and insured for training, rescue and commercial operations. This equipment can be moved to any location to facilitate any operation.

We can provide a full range of medical support, including a full time qualified nurse, medical equipment including various specialist stretchers, defibrillators and oxygen therapy.

Sea Training International Ltd has the ability to provide craft and equipment for various contracts either long or short term at any location. Sea Training International Ltd has an excellent proven track record of providing services on time and within budget.

Sea Training staff have exceptionally high personal standards and qualifications within their fields. All have a vast and varied record of operational experience within their chosen field. Staff are drawn from specialist areas e.g. Search and Rescue, Military, Police firearms, Medical and Ships Masters.

Full C.V’s are available on request to specific clients. Our staff are always willing to liaise with new clients to achieve optimal satisfaction on their specific requirements. Our staff are constantly liaising with new projects and are thus always updating the operational remits of small fast craft.


Sea Training International Ltd has vast experience within its staff to support organisations wishing to source information on Fast Craft Capabilities, testing and procurement, training and support services.

Sea Training has the capability to support clients both nationally and internationally. Our staff can mobilise to any location to achieve our client’s aims and objectives. Sea Training has worked hard to achieve an excellent reputation; our client’s testimonies are Sea Training International Ltd’s best advert.

Referees can be supplied to organisations wishing to hear reports from people requiring similar services. Sea Training International Ltd operates in total confidence with many customers and organisations. References relating to sensitive training operations may be made available subject to suitable security clearances.

Sea Training International Ltd have a proven record of dealing with small companies for short duration contracts to large government agencies for many years inline support.


Sea Training International Ltd are one of the few companies worldwide able to fulfil complete training, audit, procurement, and commercial inline support requirements.

Our instructors are specialist military, police firearms, royal / close protection, offshore operations, rescue operations, qualified medical staff with years of experience.