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The introduction of the patented Post Immersion Restart System (PIRS) designed for two-stroke, outboard engines in the 1970s by E. P Barrus Ltd, was a significant advancement for self-righting search and rescue vessels.

A new generation ‘Inversion Protected’, four-stroke engine (patent pending) has now been introduced by the Special Products Team at Barrus which has been the result of two and a half years of continuous product development and testing. The concept of the PIRS engines was to evacuate the engine of water from the cylinder head, transfer ports and the fuel system enabling the engine to be restarted after complete submersion within just 40 seconds. The new ‘Inversion Protected’ engines work in a totally different way by stopping water entering through the inlet, vents and exhaust system using a patented valve arrangement. The engine restart time is cut down to an impressive 10 seconds which is a major plus factor in a search and rescue situation.

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