Course Details
Who is the Course Suitable For?Prior Achievement of Level 1 Required
Course Duration2 Days
PriceCall for Price and Dates

  • Launch and recovery (Trailers, ramps, slipways, preparations, problems etc).

  • Boat handling under way (this constitutes the majority of the course).

  • Slow manoeuvres (securing to a buoy, coming alongside in various conditions/circumstances, anchoring (including various types), dealing with disabled craft – both your own craft and others, trim, loading, propeller angles etc).

  • High speed manoeuvres (planing, steering controls, S turns, U turns, power trim, emergency stop, man overboard).

During the course, we will also be looking at:
  • Different types of craft, engines and drives, ancillary and safety equipment, dealing with potential emergencies.
Finally, we will need some time ashore to deal with:
  • The buoyage systems, basic understanding of charts and compass, basic understanding of tides and tidal streams


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