Course Content
Who is the course for?This course is specifically designed for those who operate in or around water such as SAR [Search & Rescue] personnel, lifeguards, paddle sport instructors, medics; water sports enthusiasts and mountain leaders. It can be tailored to meet the requirements of special interest groups.
DurationICE Module 1 – 1 day ICE Module 2 – Intermediate – 2 days ICE Module 3 – Advanced – 2 days
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ALL ICE MODULES are focused on dealing with water based incidents in a pre-hospital setting such as drowning, hypothermia, casualty rescue and post rescue collapse. The emphasis is on managing and treating casualties using minimal medical and survival equipment pre the arrival of better equipped medical teams. The ICE Modules focus on developing practical skills in line with current clinical practice guidelines. Students gain practical experience through both classroom practical’s and outdoor scenarios. Casualty recovery and management skills form part of this course.

Course Duration

  • ICE Module 1 – 1 day
  • ICE Module 2 – Intermediate – 2 days
  • ICE Module 3 – Advanced – 2 days

The training is delivered in modular form to instill knowledge and skills required to take charge of medical care on board ship. Each module is delivered in both theoretical and practical method with continual assessment of the delegate, and by final assessments undertaken by external examiners based on the required learning objectives for each module.

Teaching Ratio : 8:1


Subject to the student successfully completing the course to the desired standards a certificate will be issued.

Course Certifying Body – Mountain Rescue

Validity – Valid for 3 years from the date of certification


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