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The decision to outsource is usually a highly complex decision in business. However, when it comes to onsite safety, Sea Training makes that decision much simpler. Outsourcing your Safety Support and Rescue services can provide you with the flexibility and benefits that managing in-house cannot compete with. A few expanded of this are:

1) Financial Benefits Save & Exit

All commercial decisions usually require a financial benefit for a business to justify its decision. Sea Training International will work with you to provide a flexible team over short, medium or long term intervals which can significantly reduce the equipment and labour costs of having an in-house team.

2) Increased Expertise and Training

When it comes to the safety of your employees, you want to have the most skilled and highly trained personnel responsible for all their Rescue if something was to go wrong. Sea Training International’s experienced and vigilant team will not only (reduce on-site risk / limit on-site accidents), but by responding quickly, will reduce the severity of  on-site accidents.

3) Enhanced Focus on Core Business

If your core business isn’t Safety Support and Rescue, then you shouldn’t be commuting your time and resources towards providing the services in-house. The up-skilling of existing site personnel is expensive and requires additional support when trained personnel become unexpectedly unavailable due to sick leave or annual leave. Co-ordination, training, equipment and other hidden indirect costs can make your decision to outsource your onsite Safety Support to Sea Training more cost effective because Sea Training International’s focus is solely on providing these unique services.

4) Free Up Internal Resources

Partnering with Sea Training International will provide you with the opportunity to free up both Technical (rescue) and Administration resources. Sea Training International will provide you with the complete onsite solution, to include:

– Emergency Rescue Plan
– Dynamic Risk Assessments
– Scheduling of Rescue/Safety Personnel
– Providing the actual day-to-day dedicated Rescue/Safety Team
– Providing suitable Rescue Equipment
– Offering additional accredited training or awareness courses to onsite staff, i.e. Life Jacket Awareness courses, First Aid, etc.

5) The Established Solution

Sea Training International has been providing  the ‘complete onsite solution’ for Safety Support and Rescue for a number of years. Sea Training International’s team is currently deployed at various multi-million pound projects throughout the UK.

Sea Training International Ltd are one of the few companies worldwide able to fulfil complete training, audit, procurement, and commercial inline support requirements.

Our instructors are specialist military, police firearms, royal / close protection, offshore operations, rescue operations, qualified medical staff with years of experience.